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Merrythought Teddy Bears

Author: Kathy Martin

Imprint: Remember When
EAN: 9781783469994

A deep dive into the history of the much-loved plush bear brand from one of the world’s foremost teddy bear experts.
Merrythought was one of Britain’s longest running British-made teddy bear firms with a dedicated international following for their quality, highly collectable bears whose life-size models used to dominate stores such as Harrods and Hamleys.
This book—with its quality color illustrations and use of original sales material—will appeal to teddy bear collectors as well as dedicated Merrythought fans and is full of tips on collecting the popular toys. Written by leading teddy bear expert, Kathy Martin, editor of Teddy Bear Scene and a regular on programs such as QVC as well as a consultant to firms producing collectable bears, this is a must for collectors, dealers, and those who loved their own Merrythought teddy bears when young.
After a short-term closure, Merrythought was revived and will delight future generations. Its closure made headlines news, showing the enduring popularity of the quality bears.
“This must-read book will appeal to Merrythought and teddy bear collectors and dealers, those who loved their childhood teddies and indeed anyone interested in the history of the great British toy company.” —Collectors Club of Great Britain