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Pokemon Fever

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You thought you knew everything there was to know about the world’s favorite game of Pocket Monsters, right? Think again! Because in your very hands is the ULTIMATE Pokemon guide, jam-packed with more fun facts and cool information than you ever thought possible! Now, expert gaming author Hank Schlesinger brings you very the latest on: –Everything you ever wanted to know about the Yellow, Red and Blue versions of Pokemon
–Pokemon trading cards, the Pokemon TV show, and the new Pokemon movie
–Hints, tips, tricks, winning combinations and super trading advice from kids just like you, who have become Pokemon masters
–All the newest Pokemon offshoots, including Pokemon Snap, Super Smash Bros., Pokemon Pinball, and more
–Listings of hundreds of awesome Pokemon websites –Plus: tons of cool info, hilarious jokes, fabulous lists (including “How to Tell If You’re a Pokemon Fanatic”), interesting Poke trivia, and much more! Special bonus! Exclusive profile of the actor who plays the voice of James, Brock, and many other of your favorite Pokemon on the “Pokemon” animated series! Pokemon Fever has not been authorized or endorsed by Nintendo or anyone else involved in the creation, manufacture or distribution of Pokemon games, the preparation or broadcast of the “Pokemon” television show, or the creation or production of the Pokemon movie.