Bookticker, the industry’s only data-driven eBook deal site, launched today, as announced by founder, Greg Aden. Bookticker accepts metadata feeds from all partner-publishers, identifying price reductions in bestselling titles, publisher-promoted titles, and also titles that may fall in price without any promotion.

“We wanted to create a site that would promote publisher deals, but also expose deals that consumers may not otherwise find. We also wanted to generate deal visibility that was purely publisher-driven rather than the result of pressured discounting by the major retailers,” said Aden.

Bookticker is a new venture from the team of the digital solutions provider, NetRead Software and Services--the first company to provide a commercial, ONIX-conversion service. NetRead delivers metadata in various formats along with eBook content and images to over 400 different global retailers. Utilizing NetRead’s knowledge base, Bookticker sprung from a deep understanding of industry eBook pricing complexity, the ability to consistently ingest and reconcile ONIX metadata, and a pro-publisher perspective.

“In addition to offering consumers a one-stop shop for all eBook deals, Bookticker is in fact the one place consumers will see all eBook sales and explore eBooks not only by genre but by publishing houses,” explained Aden. “This is one of our differentiating features: giving publishers a place to expand their branding and show consumers that searching by publishers can be a great way of finding a list of titles curated just for them.”

Macmillan Publishers LTD., HarperCollins Publishers, BelleBooks, Inc., and many other publishers signed on early to be a part of Bookticker’s unique model in the deal space and to expand their branding solutions.

Concluded Debra Dixon of BelleBooks, "Brilliant. NetRead's ONIX resources and experience were a lifesaver when our company had to transition to ONIX to handle our title load with wholesalers and retailers. Real time. Real help. Real handy. And now, with Bookticker, Greg and his team are tackling another big issue for publishers--discoverability. We're excited to be a part of NetRead, and now Bookticker, because these services continue to deliver what a publisher needs.”

Bookticker is based in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, one of the first historic districts of the United States.