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Young Al Capone

Genre: True Crime

EAN: 9781626367302

The legendary Chicago mobster’s early years in Brooklyn: A “scathing portrait of a power-mad predator coming up through the criminal ranks” (Publishers Weekly). Everyone has heard of Al Capone, the notoriously “untouchable” gangster known for orchestrating the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. But few are aware of Capone’s origins. Tutored by the likes of Johnny Torrio and “Frankie Yale” Ioele, young Capone had a disquieting demeanor that, combined with the “technical advice” he learned from these insidious mentors, contributed to the making of a brutal criminal whose nickname, “Scarface,” evoked fascination and fear throughout the world. Young Al Capone reveals the violence of Capone’s early days in New York City: the Halloween Night murder of rival gangster “Wild Bill” Lovett; details on how Capone and his Black Hand crew cleverly planned the death of White Hand gang boss “Peg Leg” Lonergan; insight into the dramatic incident that forced Capone to leave New York, and more. An extraordinary portrait based on interviews with known associates and never-before-published documents, this book provides “a rare perspective [and a] riveting and detailed narrative…Highly recommended for those interested in criminology and the psychology of crime” (Library Journal, starred review).