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Weekend Handmade

Imprint: STC Craft
EAN: 9781613122259

Weekend Handmade provides instructions for quirky crafts that virtually anyone can do . . . Think hipster Martha Stewart” (NPR Weekend Edition).
In Weekend Handmade, author Kelly Wilkinson encourages readers to celebrate the joy of crafting, both for the satisfaction of making something by hand, and because the finished items serve as reminders of time taken to slow down and create—no matter the day of the week. The book is organized into three sections: “Make” offers projects to wear or decorate with; “Grow” presents projects inspired by gardens, fields, and farmer’s markets; and “Gather” spotlights projects that enrich casual get-togethers. With clear, step-by-step instructions, every project in Weekend Handmade—from aprons, tablecloths, and marmalade to a memory box and a chandelier—can be completed in a few hours or over the course of a weekend.
“Think you can’t make anything—or, more importantly, that you don’t have the time to? Wilkinson’s undowdy projects—luminarias, table decorations—are all designed to be completed in a couple of hours.” —Entertainment Weekly