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Author: Will B High
Genre: Humor

Publisher: Adams Media
EAN: 9781440510113

There’s more to marijuana than smoking it. And in this one-stop, one-stoke resource, you’ll learn it all. With more than 800 entries covering everything from Afghan Kush to Zombieland, this awesome collection of all things cannabis is packed with information and illustrations every stoner should know, including:

  • Why the subtle flavor of bubbleberry makes it a rich pothead’s drug of choice
  • How to properly make a bong out of a coconut for maximum highness
  • How high you should be to watch a Jack Black movie
  • The real way to get stoned at festivals like the Hash Bash
  • Why Barack Obama and Michael Phelps are really role models

It’s the reference no stoner should be without! This book gives you what you need to know to be at the head of the class–at least while you’re passing around a joint.