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Wandering Jew

Author: Eugène Sue
Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781626365292

“For in the great page-turners, from Clarissa to The Godfather, length becomes a positive virtue: no one wants the fun to stop” (Thomas M. Disch, The Washington Post).
Written in 1845, just three years before revolutions swept Europe, The Wandering Jew is a classic French novel that became an international bestseller. Originally serialized in a French newspaper, the novel created an instant controversy with its radical positions on women’s rights, worker communes, and anticlericalism, eventually reaching bestseller status in Paris.
Moving from one cliffhanger to another, the struggle between the Rennepont family and two cunning Jesuits unfolds. Having lost their position and their wealth during the French persecution of the Protestants, what is left of the Rennepont family fortune has been entrusted for 150 years to a loyal Jewish banker and his heirs. In order to reclaim their fortune, the surviving members of the Rennepont family are directed to meet at an address in Paris in 1832—only those present on the given date will divide the inheritance. Drama ensues when two Jesuits and a female accomplice devise a plan to keep the Renneponts from their inheritance and to claim it for the Society of Jesus. 
Sue is a master of his craft and he develops the various subplots with great skill. This classic novel, finally back in print, will be of interest to all lovers of great and groundbreaking fiction.