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Smiling Again

Author: Sally Stap

EAN: 9781614487975

The “poignant account of one woman’s struggle for health and faith—and the tireless devotion of family” in the face of a devastating illness (Peter DeHaan, PhD).
Sally Stap was living a happy life with a successful career, juggling the usual concerns about job, daughters, and everyday obligations. But her world was shattered when she was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma—a benign but large brain tumor that would require a major invasive operation to remove.
Smiling Again is a story of perseverance and appreciating the beauty of life in spite of pain. Writing with a poignant blend of honesty, dry humor, faith, and inquisitiveness, Sally recounts the shock of diagnosis, the long and painful process of recovery, her eventual retirement due to disability, and ultimately the contentment she found in accepting a new life journey.
No matter what trials you may face, Sally’s experience teaches us that even when the worst happens, God is still present and visible—sometimes in unexpected ways. Your future self may be different from who you were before, but those changes can lead you in new and rewarding directions.