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Full of commentary by the people who knew him best, this exceptional collection of photographs showcases Frank Sinatra like never before.
Nobody packed a visual punch like Frank Sinatra. With his clothes, his gestures, his posture, and even his facial expressions, Sinatra exuded a confident swagger that inspired generations. Photographs capture not only his ineffable sense of style, but also his aura of vulnerability, intensity, sexuality, and charm.
Sinatra: The Photographs focuses on the decades after World War II, when he towered over the American entertainment landscape. These were the years of the Rat Pack and Las Vegas, socializing with Jack Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, and making music with Nelson Riddle, Count Basie, and Quincy Jones.
Featured here is the best work by a group of photographers—Ted Allan, Bob Willoughby, Ed Thrasher, Sid Avery, and Bernie Abramson—who helped shape the public image of an immortal legend.
“Andrew Howick, who helps curate and edit one of the world’s largest collections of photos of Sinatra, collects a stunning array of photographs that helped shape the singer’s persona.” —Publishers Weekly