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Author: Peter Riva
Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781631580345

This “thrilling . . . mind-bending” novel tells of future America where a dangerous new intelligence threatens the very survival of humanity (

Life is good in the New Republic of America. In fact, it’s perfect. Thanks to a supercomputer known as the System that controls everything from the weather to the production of food, everyone’s basic needs are met. Too bad Simon Banks is about to break everything.

Banks is a brilliant codifier whose job is to design glitches in a virtual duplicate of the System. But when glitches appear in the real System, Banks uncovers a hidden intelligence that threatens the course of humanity. More terrifying is the realization that everything he knows to be true is actually a lie.

Banks finds himself in the preposterous position of saving the world. And frankly, even with the help of some friends, his chances are slim.

“For people who love pure Sci-Fi, this book is a treat.” —Book and Ink