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Mutiny in Space

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Adams Media
EAN: 9781440544811

Marooned on a lost planet at the edge of Space. Their only companions? A howling army of screaming, crazed women. Captain Marrus Rond and his command staff were castaways, and the Starship Persephone was in the hands of the mutineers. Abandoned on an unknown planet, the ship’s deposed officers moved slowly through the depths of a dark, twisted alien forest, seeking food and shelter—and some way home. What they found was beyond their imagination. “To read Mutiny in Space today is like having a window into the past.”
Michael Swanwick Avram Davidson was a Hugo Award-winning novelist, short story writer, and essayist. With nineteen novels and hundreds of short stories and essays to his name, he won the World Fantasy Award three times. His science fiction and fantasy works are considered a cornerstone of their genres.