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Missing Mem

Author: Errol Broome

Publisher: Aladdin
EAN: 9781439104699

Scamper and Scurry “Now tell me what you’re looking for.” Magnus edged closer, till his coat brushed against Mem’s. “Do…do you think, somewhere, there are others like us?” Magnus and the mice have a cozy home in the stable loft. But Magnus’s whiskers are prickling. Change is in the air, and it’s hard work keeping the mice out of harm’s way, especially bold little Mem. Mem is searching for a friend like herself, and one day, when no one is looking, she goes missing. Will the mice be able to find her and bring her back? The journey to the circus is long and full of danger, but Magnus learns not to lose sight of the precious things in life, especially when he finds that Mem has made friends with the most majestic, the most magnificent creature he’s ever seen!