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Middle of Nowhere

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: BenBella Books
EAN: 9781935618737

This space adventure series is filled with “moral conundrums, fascinating characters, and pulse-pounding action” (Robert J. Sawyer, author of Starplex).
The Morthans consider the human race to be little better than animals—even though they came from humans themselves. Now they are determined to conquer the worlds still controlled by their physical and mental inferiors.
Docked for repairs after a harrowing battle with a Morthan ship, Jonathan Korie and his crew discover they have a Morthan imp aboard: a weapon so quick they have no chance of catching it, so clever they have no hope of outsmarting it—and so deadly they have no choice but to try . . .
With an introduction by Spider Robinson, this is an exciting space adventure in the Star Wolf series by the Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author.