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Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781504015288

At the end of the millennium, as Armageddon looms, two young women from opposite sides of the world unite as humanity’s last hope for salvation In New Orleans, private investigator Felicity LeJeune has made it her mission to bring down the corrupt televangelist Reverend Mullin, leader of the United Ministries, who filched two million dollars in lottery winnings from Felicity’s unassuming grandmother. Meanwhile, Mullin’s flock of religious fundamentalists bombards the media with threats of catastrophic horror if people refuse to accept him as their savior.
Across the globe, the mysterious Sarajevan orphan Andrea Isbik escapes a Serbian POW camp and finds asylum in Jerusalem, where she seduces cavalcades of religious scholars before finally landing in the Big Easy herself. There, amid the reverie of Mardi Gras, something dark is building. Surrounded by a wild cast of characters, Andrea and Felicity join forces to combat the impending apocalypse, fending off millennial fervor and Mullin’s fanatical followers as the world’s religions converge on New Orleans for the end of days.
This riveting novel links our most ancient imaginings of Armageddon with our contemporary worship of technology.