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Making Kind Choices

Genre: Nature

EAN: 9781466851863

Choosing a compassionate lifestyle that makes you feel good and positively impacts on the environment and on animals has never been easier. In this practical and accessible handbook, loaded with resources for all products that are mentioned, Ingrid Newkirk presents fabulous options that will not only enhance your life, but those of your neighbors, your community, animals, and the earth itself. From comfortable home furnishings, to delicious foods, to fashionable clothing there are a myriad of choices to be made that can have a lasting positive effect on the well-being of animals and the environment, including: – recognizing hidden animal ingredients in cosmetics and household products
– raising ecologically aware and animal-friendly kids
– creating healthy, environmentally-friendly meals for everyday and special occasions
– dressing with style without using leather or other animal products
– dealing kindly with mice, insects, and other ‘pests’ in home or garden
– adopting the right animal companion for you
– volunteering and investing in eco- and animal-friendly companies
– traveling with Eco-consciousness