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Life is a Bicycle

Genre: Self-help

EAN: 9781630477660

A new philosophy for finding joy and fulfillment through work, and identifying the career path that’s right for you.
Historically, men and women have worked to provide the bare essentials for everyday life. Life is a Bicycle examines work’s higher purpose: to nurture the advancing mind and unfold the soul. It is your birthright to express yourself harmoniously through your daily work. Using the bicycle as a metaphor for the journey, this book lets you discover:

  • The largest collection of quotes ever assembled capturing the art of discovering sincere, heartfelt work
  • Four fountainheads that reveal and spur your desire, will, and love
  • Principles that will guide you through an evolution of thought en route to your professional best
  • Enlightening exercises and insightful questions designed to reveal your true nature
  • The mechanics—but more importantly the heart and soul—of how to discover your professional authenticity

If you believe your talent, energy, and appetite indicate ideal work that is capable of bringing out your best while reaping the greatest professional enjoyment possible—and this is the life you want—then you must answer the question: Who’s riding my bicycle?