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Life in the Iron Mills

Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781497691100

A shocking rendering of poverty, tragedy, and desperation in the American North This shocking depiction of the lives of impoverished Welsh miners in the American North was one of the first novels to expose the brutal realities facing the nation’s poor. Rebecca Harding Davis casts an unflinching gaze into the lives of the destitute, drunk, and desperate in a work that was controversial for its honesty, but popular for its adept storytelling.
The story follows Hugh Wolfe, a proud and educated yet desperately poor laborer in an iron mill, and his cousin Deborah, who breaks the law for a chance at a better life for Hugh. If they keep the ill-gotten money, the pair could transcend their hardship, and Hugh could become the talented artist he was born to be; however, keeping the money would mean sacrificing the morals they’ve so stridently adhered to all their lives.
First published in 1861, Life in the Iron Mills became notorious for its merciless descriptions of underclass suffering. As relevant today as it was in the nineteenth century, this is a classic, hypnotic tragedy.
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