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In an Evil Time

Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781497629141

A desperate father’s world explodes when his plan to eliminate his abusive son-in-law goes shockingly awry in this riveting thriller from a true American master of suspense fiction  Many people would love to see powerful San Francisco attorney David Rakubian dead, but none more than his father-in-law, Jack Hollis. Rakubian has threatened to kill Hollis’s daughter and her toddler son from an earlier marriage if she tries to leave him. Enough, Hollis feels, is enough. This monster must die. But when the shark lawyer fails to show up for his own carefully planned assassination, Hollis seeks him out—only to find that someone has beaten him to the lethal punch. Now Hollis is being blackmailed for a murder he did not commit. And if he can’t uncover the true killer, he stands to lose everything in the world that he loves. Multiple award-winner Bill Pronzini delivers a riveting tale of desperate acts and personal justice, and the shocking lengths to which a parent will go to protect his family.