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I’m Going to College—Not You!

Genre: Education

EAN: 9781429922159

Acceptance by a top college is more than a gold star on a high school graduate’s forehead today. It has morphed into the ultimate “good parenting” stamp of approval–the better the bumper sticker, the better the parent, right? Parents of juniors and seniors in high school fret over SAT scores and essays, obsessed with getting their kids into the right college, while their children push for independence.

I’m Going to College—Not You! is a resource for parents, written by parents who’ve been in their shoes. Kenyon College dean Jennifer Delahunty shares her unique perspective (and her daughter’s) on one of the toughest periods of parenting, and has assembled a top-notch group of writers that includes best-selling authors, college professors and admissions directors, and journalists. Their experiences with the difficult balancing act between control freak and resource answer questions like:

–how can a parent be less of a “helicopter” (hovering) and more of a “booster rocket” (uplifting)?
–what do you do when your child wants to put off college to become a rock star? and
–how will you keep from wanting to kill each other?

Contributors include: Jane Hamilton David Latt
Neal Pollack Joe Queenan
Anne Roark Debra Shaver Anna Quindlen Ellen Waterston