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Hurricane Kiss

EAN: 9781504032261

For sixteen-year-old Jillian McKay, the threat of Hurricane Danielle means a long car ride with her neighbors—including River Daughtry. Yes, that River Daughtry—the former star quarterback of Harrison High. The guy who was headed to glory until suddenly he disappeared to a West Texas juvenile detention center. The guy she kissed. But he’s a mystery to everyone: once cocky and flirtatious, he’s now silent and angry, a dropout who avoids everyone. When their evacuation route is stuck in a massive gridlock, however, River is the first to recognize the danger they’re in. Together he and Jillian set out to seek shelter in their abandoned high school. As the weather intensifies, Jillian sees a storm is building inside River as well, and in the dark hallways of the school, they realize survival is about more than just staying alive—it’s about fighting for yourself.