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Guide to Getting In

Genre: Study Aids

EAN: 9781466845251

Getting into a college can be the most stressful ordeal a student can face, with endless planning, test-taking, competition, the torturous wait for an answer. . . .

Now six undergraduates at Harvard reveal the secrets they learned while applying to the country’s top colleges. With wit and common sense, they share tips you won’t get from college counselors–because these students have actually faced the process themselves . . . and beaten it!

Learn how to: – Clean up your image in high school and capitalize on your strengths
– Choose the right college using factors that really matter – Make your personal essay stand out with examples of essays that worked and why.
– Finance your education, no matter what your means

Also including:
– Surprising, fun facts, and a useful glossary of common admissions terms
– Quotes from current students on their experiences and regrets