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Great Philosophers Volume Two

Three essential philosophers on the nature of reality, the health of the human body, and the meaning of history. Science and Philosophy: An essential introduction to Alfred North Whitehead’s life and philosophy. From personal reflections to his groundbreaking essay “Process and Reality” to an enlightening discussion of Einstein’s theories, Science and Philosophy is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand one of the modern world’s greatest thinkers.
The Preservation of Youth: Capitalizing on his experience as a physician as well as his knowledge of classical and medieval principles of healing, Moses Maimonides provides a comprehensive theory of wellbeing. In this work he addresses common medical conditions including asthma, diabetes, hepatitis, and pneumonia, and makes recommendations on diet and exercise, sex life, and the underlying psychological causes of illness.
  Understanding History: Written during the height of World War II, these vigorous essays by Bertrand Russell present his influential theories on the nature of history. The title piece exposes the deadliness of the academic approach to the past, and shows how the reading of history can be a vivid intellectual pleasure.