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Genre: Education

EAN: 9781630477097

“An essential guide for students, teachers, professionals, artists, and anyone who yearns to travel and work for a better world” (Ken Carpenter, PhD).
You don’t have to be an extraordinary student to get fellowships and pursue your passions. All it takes is strategic planning and a fellowship-writing skillset. Funded! tells the story of how an average student went on to win a Fulbright among other scholarships, fellowships, and grants to travel the world and pay for her Ivy League education.
As a step-by-step guide taking you from the phase of dreaming about your project all the way to finding the right fellowship and preparing your application, Funded! makes the process manageable by breaking it into steps that anyone can follow. If you are looking for an inspiring career or want to activate a dormant passion in your work, Funded! will teach you the foundational skills to become the change agent you want to be. And for those who want to take time off from their regular job or switch careers, adding a grant, scholarship, or fellowship to their resume can help. Funded! tells you how to become the competitive applicant that these scholarship committees look for—including tips from actual Fulbright reviewers.