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Free Hostage

Author: S. Ann Cole
Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781640634022

My name is Timberly Day. I don’t drink, but I do know things. I know the heart beats over 100,000 times per day. I know for every one second, lightning strikes the Earth 100 times. I also know that Jaxon King—the bloody tosser!—is a muddler. A manipulator. A liar. A con, a thief…and a closet nerd.
He’s as beautiful as innocence, as harmless as a feather. Except, it’s all an illusion. I see him and I see lies. I smell him and I taste deceit. And still—fool that I am—I rush in. His eyes are like ice. His tongue is like fire. His lies are white, but his touch is red hot. I had the chance to run. I didn’t.
Now, I am a part of the game. And the only way to win…is to give in.