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Face Off

Author: Emma Brookes
Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781466885370

Face Off by Emma Brookes When Suzanne Richards fled Omaha, she left behind her old life–and her work as a police consultant, forging psychic links with the most brutal serial killers. But she cannot run from her talent. And she cannot resist the pleading of fourteen-year-old Jessie Matthews, who has tracked Suzanne to her new home in Kansas City on a desperate mission to save her sister’s life. Amy Matthews’ disappearance fits in with the pattern of other victims of the Kansas City Butcher, and the cops believe she’s already dead. But young Jessie refuses to give up, for she has her own budding psychic powers that tell her Amy’s alive–and that time is quickly running out. To stop a sadistic killer, Suzanne and Jessie must descend into the nightmare world of his mind. And most hellish of all, once they penetrate his twisted fantasies of death, they see their own faces projected there.