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Exceptional Seven Percent

Imprint: Citadel
EAN: 9780806537627

How much better could your marriage be? A therapist’s “inspiring” guide to the secrets of happy husbands and wives (Publishers Weekly).
Only about half of all marriages remain intact—and of those, many are far from ideal. In fact, studies show that a mere 7 percent of marriages are truly good. What do these couples know that brings them much greater than average passion, happiness, longevity, and fulfillment?
Marriage therapist Gregory K. Popcak believes these exceptional couples relate to each other in ways that can benefit all marriages. In The Exceptional Seven Percent, he examines the basic characteristics and habits of successful couples. Each chapter reveals:

  • How to develop a “marital imperative”
  • The deeper meaning of “forsaking all others” that goes beyond sexual fidelity
  • How to set and achieve emotional goals
  • The importance of rapport, negotiation, and joy

With real-life stories, exercises, quizzes, and guidance supported by marriage research, you’ll learn what your weaknesses are and how you can begin to make positive changes. You have the power to turn your marriage into the most precious thing in your life. Why settle for anything less?
“Intellectually appealing . . . Like Stephen Covey and Abraham Harold Maslow, Popcak focuses on the refinement of peak performance. Offering engaging exercises and checklists to help readers clarify their aims and progress along his theoretical pathway to self-actualization, he challenges conventional couples to recognize how much better their marriage could be with a few attitude adjustments and priority clarifications. Self-improvement aficionados will find his approach a welcome and refreshing addition to the genre.” —Publishers Weekly