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Early Novels

Author: Paul Monette
Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781504057615

Four novels of humor, sex, mystery, and horror from the National Book Award–winning author of Becoming a Man.
Taking Care of Mrs. Carroll: Mrs. Beth Carroll has tragically passed away. Now, it is up to the unlikely team of her lover, Phidias; her houseboy, David; David’s ex-boyfriend Rick; and a kitschy former screen goddess to protect Mrs. Carroll’s Cape Cod estate from lawyers, greedy developers, and her family in this madcap caper.
The Gold Diggers: A historic Hollywood mansion seemed like the perfect place for Rita to take time away from her exhausting life and catch up with her old friend Peter and his lover, Nick. She just wasn’t counting on there being buried treasure beneath the house—or said treasure being key to their survival . . .
The Long Shot: When celebrity heiress Vivien Cokes finds her husband dead of an apparent double suicide in the hot tub with his male lover, something doesn’t add up. To find the truth, she must team up with the lover’s boyfriend and descend into Los Angeles’s underbelly.
Lightfall: A strange voice orders Iris Ammons to leave her idyllic life behind and move to the west coast to the village of Pitts Landing. The same voice calls upon cult leader Michael Roman. As coincidences and omens begin piling up, Iris and Michael find themselves in a dark mystery centuries in the making . . .