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Digital Cathedral

Genre: Religion

EAN: 9780819229960

An essential handbook for the digital age on how to connect with your congregation through social media and the Internet.
Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites. Rapid cultural and technological changes over the last two decades have transformed how we communicate with each other. For those involved in ministry, that also means a radical change in the traditional concept of the public church. Once, a brick-and-mortar cathedral gathered a community. Now through the Internet, a “digital cathedral” can gather the entire world. In his revolutionary book, Keith Anderson—specializing in the field of digital ministry, new media, and popular culture—outlines essential tips on how to adapt to the ever-shifting technologies of today.
For anyone who seeks to effectively minister in a digitally integrated world, and who wishes to embody the networked characteristics of that ministry, The Digital Cathedral is “a penetrating, intelligent, innovative, and inspiring vision of where religious belief might be heading . . . a new view of where one finds sacred space: at a bus stop, in a tavern, in a barber shop—almost anywhere that people gather outside of home or work” (Michael Crosbie, editor, Faith & Form).
“[Reverend Anderson] offers us the means by which to participate in the virtual Body of Christ, extending the care and compassion of the Gospel to, quite literally, the ends of the earth via digital means.” —Rev. Dr. David J. Lose, President, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia