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Dangerous Betrayal

Author: Bill Blowers
Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781630475758

Ingeniously blending fact and thrilling speculative fiction, this award-winning novel unveils a conspiratorial sabotage behind the Titanic disaster.
How was it that the unsinkable Titanic, carrying 1320 passengers and a crew of 892, sank in freezing waters—especially when the technology of luxury liner was such that she could have easily avoided the impact with the iceberg? Was it a fated and bizarre accident? Or was it the result of a sinister plot to undermine the success of White Star Lines’ feature attraction on her maiden voyage? At the heart of the mystery: the most brilliant inventor of the era—Nikola Tesla—and a plot to hold the Titanic hostage that went catastrophically wrong.
For more than a century, the secret lay hidden in the bowels of the Titanic at the bottom of the North Atlantic. Now, in this bracing and plausible novel of conspiracy and revenge, set in a gilded age of ruthless power barons, geniuses, and madmen, does the truth finally surface.