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Cooking with Yashim

Genre: Cooking

EAN: 9781429934657

Detective Yashim is more than a sleuth—he’s also a great cook. And as the Financial Times says, “What is there not to love in a detective who enjoys cooking as much as he enjoys eating?”

Cooking with Yashim presents a selection of authentic Turkish recipes to celebrate the publication of An Evil Eye, the fourth novel in the series by Edgar Award winner Jason Goodwin.

Like a turban glimpsed on the street, a draft of sweet coffee, or the slender shadow of a minaret, Yashim’s dishes help to re-create the flavors of 19th-century Istanbul—its abundance of seasonal vegetables, fresh fish drawn from the waters of the Bosporus and the Sea of Marmara, the ubiquitous soups and grilled lamb, the yogurt, and the spices that scent the air of the Egyptian bazaar.

Goodwin’s collected recipes from his previous novels The Janissary Tree, The Bellini Card, The Snake Stone, and An Evil Eye for the first time in this exclusive ebook, complete with an excerpt from Yashim’s latest mystery.