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Collecting Gadgets & Games from the 1950s–90s

Imprint: Remember When
EAN: 9781781599662

A nostalgic celebration of collectible treasures through the decades.
Daniel Blythe takes a trip down memory lane with his first book for Remember When, focusing on toys, games, and gadgets from our youth; from Simon to the ZX Spectrum, from the Walkman to the boom box, from the Batmobile to James Bond’s Aston Martin and the TARDIS. From gadgets everyone had to those they desired to own, this is the book on big boys’ toys and their value.
Whilst firms such as Sony focus on toys of the future, the latest Playstations and XBoxes, the author looks at the forgotten gadgets, the early MP3 players and radio sets and shows how to turn them into ready-money or future collectibles. He also reveals what makes a future collectible and discovers which action heroes are better than others when it comes to the collectibles world.