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Cereal for Dinner

Genre: Medical

EAN: 9781466859708

At the age of thirty-five, author Kristine Breese was always on the go–running after her two young children, training for marathons, and working as a full-time journalist. A typical selfless mom, Breese ignored the slight heart flutters and light-headedness she experienced from time to time. However, after ignoring symptoms for over 10 years, Breese collapsed from heart failure and was rushed to the hospital. After surgery for heart disease and a pacemaker installation, Breese soon learned that to take great care of her kids, she needed to learn how to take fantastic care of herself.

Cereal for Dinner is a hands-on guide for mothers who are struggling with illness while also meeting the myriad demands of motherhood.The book teaches these women how to balance their lives so that they can care for themselves while still taking care of their families. Sections include:

*Taking Care of Yourself First: From “Shock” to “Check Up from the Neck Up”
*How Your Illness Affects Your Kids: From “Honesty” to “Tools for Talking”
*Maintaining Relationships: From “Daddies” to “Girlfriends,” to “Paychecks”.