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Blue Gemini

Author: Mike Jenne
Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781631580574

In 1968, an aspiring pilot lands in a classified military space program—and more danger than he ever expected—in this “epic tale of high-stakes action” (Publishers Weekly).
It’s 1968, and nuclear annihilation is only a heartbeat away as the Soviet Union races to land men on the moon, war rages in Vietnam, and a pivotal US presidential election looms on the horizon.
At the height of the Cold War, Lt. Scott Ourecky wants nothing more than to be a pilot and though he is a brilliant engineer, he fails the flight aptitude test. Instead, he is selected to work on a highly classified military space program—the Aerospace Support Project—in which air force astronauts are slated to fly missions to intercept and destroy suspect Soviet satellites.
When one of the astronauts in training abruptly drops out of the project, Ourecky is asked to fill in temporarily, serving with headstrong test pilot Maj. Drew Carson, whose incredible flying skills are shaded by a dangerous propensity to engage in “pick-up” dogfighting sessions while on training flights.
And very soon, Ourecky finds himself flying higher than he ever thought possible—and in more danger than he ever really wanted.