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At Face Value

EAN: 9781480452169

Being yourself should be simple—as plain as the nose on your face

In this modern retelling of the classic Cyrano de Bergerac, seventeen-year-old Cyrie is a brilliant, athletic, and funny girl with a witty retort for each of the endless big-nose jokes she endures. But despite her talents and charm, she is convinced that all anyone sees is her nose. No guy—especially not Eddie “Rox” Roxanninoff—would ever find her appealing.

When Rox shows interest in Cyrie’s shy friend Leyla, Cyrie soon finds herself writing Leyla’s emails to him, expressing her own true feelings. But watching her crush fall for her best friend may be more than she bargained for. Will Cyrie find the courage to come clean and trust that Rox will accept her for who she is?