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24 Karat Etiquette

Author: Lisa Gaché
Genre: Reference

EAN: 9781628734195

From a Beverly Hills etiquette guru comes this “must-read” behind the scenes look into her clients’ unique social dilemmas, debacles, and transformations (Dr. Phil).
In Beverly Hills, fame and wealth can buy everything—except class, grace, and sophistication. In 24 Karat Etiquette, the founder of Beverly Hills Manners, Lisa Gaché, describes transforming her awkward, boorish, and sometimes difficult clients into social virtuosos. She provides practical solutions to a variety of social challenges—from dining with decorum to red carpet protocol—which is why her services are in demand from Saudi princesses to Oscar winners, talent agents to child actresses, butlers, and football players.
Of course, in today’s technology-driven world, Lisa also dispenses expert advice on social media netiquette. If a tweet hits the fan, repercussions are real and can be devastating, whether you’re a “nobody” or a “somebody.” Everyone can pick up tips to apply to their own lives from Lisa’s stories about her most amusing, clueless, and stubborn clients.
“Here, the etiquette guru provides advice on every aspect of life that her clients might encounter, from social media to travel, from marriage to what to do if you screw up in public.” —Publishers Weekly
“[This book is] poking out of every Birkin bag in town.” —The Daily Telegraph