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Genre: Humor

Imprint: Beyond Books
EAN: 9781682450192

Only one man stands above the herd this election season, but who is he? What does he stand for? Here in this ultimate collection of his best quotes we meet the billionaire, mogul, TV star, and (possibly) the next President of the United States of America—Donald Trump. Trump: The Good, the Bad, and the Quotable is the ultimate collection of Donald Trump's best lines on everything he loves to talk about: women he loves, women he hates, the American Dream, immigrants he hates, the power of money, and most important of all: himself. With over two hundred of his wittiest, most humorous quotes, plus a shrink's exclusive psychological diagnosis of Trump, this collection shows us the real Trump—who we just can't get enough of. Or, as Trump once put in an interview with Playboy, “The show is Trump. And it is sold-out performances everywhere.” So get your ticket today.