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Author: Fred Strydom
Genre: Fiction

Imprint: Talos Press
EAN: 9781940456614

A “sucker punch of a novel” about Day Zero—when a singular event wipes out all memories of the past, and humanity faces an unimaginable future (Publishers Weekly).
Day Zero. It was the end and the beginning. A singular event that simply erased all human memory. There was no reaction, no outcry or shock . . . just nothing. For nothing had ever existed before Day Zero, and nothing had ever happened. Mankind’s history had become a blank slate.
Now, people are being herded like cattle into isolated, draconian communities for some unknown purpose. It is in one of these communes that Kayle Jenner finds himself, with nothing to live for—except the vague, haunting thought of someone he used to know: his son.
After he makes an escape, Kayle discovers a broken world ruled by an oppressive regime that rewards defiance with death. As he wanders the broken land, his memories slowly resurface, driving him on a relentless search for his boy that will bring him face to face with humanity from its most noble to its most depraved . . . until Kayle discovers the shattering truth about Day Zero.
And the truth may just destroy all that remains of Kayle Jenner.
This “enchanting, captivating, intriguing” dystopian tale is a brutal journey through a terrifying landscape—and a world borne of oblivion (Jason M. Hough, New York Times–bestselling author).