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Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781628725476

This thriller about a Pakistani police officer racing to save a kidnapped American offers “a gripping portrait of a casually corrupt city” (The New York Times Book Review). Days before the American president is about to visit Karachi, Pakistan, an American journalist is kidnapped. His captors vow that he will be executed on video on Christmas Day. With no other leads, Constantine D’Souza, a Christian police officer, must bring his former colleague Akbar Khan—a rogue cop imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit—onto the investigation to help track down the doomed journalist.
But to get the job done, he will have to navigate the savage streets of Karachi, where police corruption is a way of life, political motives are never what they seem—and the truth you search for may just kill you. Based on real-world events, The Prisoner is “a chilling novel” that exposes “a world so dark that readers will come away terrified” and brings the byzantine politics and the moral ambiguities of justice in modern Karachi, Pakistan to life (The Wall Street Journal, India).