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Collected Novels Volume Two

Genre: Fiction

EAN: 9781504057080

Three brilliant works of fiction from a feminist and lesbian literary icon who was “acutely sensitive to the quiet hum of everyday living” (Ms.). The Missing Person: Legendary movie star Franny Fuller captured the imaginations of audiences, men, and her biographer, Mary Maguire. But what does the glamour hide? This is the story of how a girl from Utica, New York, transformed into a Hollywood sensation—and the secret she had to keep if she wanted to hold onto her fairytale life . . .
The Magician’s Girl: Minna Grant, Maud Noon, and Liz Becker met as roommates at Barnard College. After graduation, each woman pursues her own dreams, living out her own passions, tragedies, and destiny—all while maintaining their enduring friendship acros s decades. Grumbach tells a courageous, nuanced, and “engrossing” tale of female friendship, coming of age, and an ever-changing New York (Publishers Weekly).
The Book of Knowledge: In the summer of 1929, four children forge a bond that will change their lives. Caleb and Kate Flowers live an isolated existence until Lionel Schwartz and Roslyn Hellman arrive in Far Rockaway. Over the years, their friendship brings profound realizations and undeniable passions for all four in this “grimly compelling,” truthful, and tragic tale of self-discovery (Booklist).